Quick Hunt On The Way Home

>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

I saw that this geocache had just been placed in its hidding place and I wanted to be the first to find it and get the "First To Find Collectible Coin.  It was titlesd"Rock of Ages" so I knew I was looking for a pile of rocks once I got to the location. 
 I parked in a local subdivision and started walking to the piles of rocks I saw by the main road.  Somehow I tripped in a hole covered with grass...just my luck a Police Officer was driving by at that time so he pulled over to make sure I was okay (or atleast not drunk I guess).  I was fine and explained what I was up to.  He stayed to help me find this cache.  Unfortunately I did not think to get a pic of him.

Someone beat me to the stash just a couple of hours earlier so the Coin was gone but he left a Travel Coin.  He also left these other coins with a website on them to get free trackable geocoins so I took one to see what that was all about.

We tracked the coin at Nana & Pops later after dinner. This Geocoin is "Rod's For the Love of Caching Feb 08 GSC&P Geocoin"  It has traveled 11,693 Miles on it's mission to travel the world one cache at a time.   It was originally placed in a cache in New Mexico on 2/21/2008.  It has been to Alaska and is working its way through the states no overseas visits yet.


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