And the Diagnosis Is.....

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

We have all been in and out of the Doctor's/Urgent Care Offices for the past two weeks so we really haven't had a lot to blog about ....I figured we would catch everyone up on our ailments....

Guy - Had Strep Throat which dropped his immunity, he developed a rash which we later found out was Shingles.

Nelda - Tore a contact in her right eye, thought she had pink eye, lost her glasses & the dog ate her last set of contacts, went to see the eye doctor who informed her that she needed new glasses and contacts (her vision has worsened) and had to get her right eye checked because there appears to have been some nerve damage caused by something or another. Then she had to go to Urgent Care because she woke up really dizzy on Monday and could not stand on her own- turned out to be a bad case of Vertigo.

Blayke - Servere allergy attacks, pink eye, cold/congestion on top of the allergies.  He made two trips to the Urgent Care before his symptoms got under control.  He then had to go to his Pediatrician to get 4 immunization vaccines (he needs to get caught up since he was always sick when we took him in to get his shots).  They also had to draw blood to tests his allergies to decide on whether to put him on a perscription drug or start the shots on him since he is apparently not growing out of this allergy thing.

Mia - Started developing a cough on Monday...apparently it has moved into her chest....we had to take her to Urgent Care last night since she was crying and saying that everytime she coughed it felt like someone was piking her chest.  She has a Bronchial Infection she is now being treated for.

Her brother tried to make her feel better!

I think we have covered enough sickness in our house to last us the rest of the year......germ bugs, diseases and the likes PLEASE STAY AWAY!


Rabens Family April 16, 2010 at 3:04 PM  

Oh NO! So sorry to hear that everyone has been sick. We will be praying for you guys.

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