Our Florida Find

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

We weren't too far away so we decided to stop at the Florida/Georgia Border.  There was a Welcome Center there that was pretty enough to have a picnic and also had a Geocache hidden.  It took us a while to find it but it was worth the hunt.

We found 3 travel bugs in this Cache.  Here are their stories

1)MumsVegasXmasLadyBugTB - Merry Christmas from Las Vegas! One of 4 Travel Bugs released by the HuntHiHuntLo family on Christmas Day 2009 in Las Vegas, US. Each has the same mission to travel to specific locations around the world. Please check the mission and see how you can help! This bug is involved in a race around the world against the three other TBs released by this family on the same day. The other TBs are: TB36PXB, TB392YV & TB3927W - you can track their progress at geocaching.com. (and TB3927W) The HuntHiHuntLo family has some special places around the world that they have lived, so this TB is trying to visit each of them before returning back to its owner. AFTER THE TB HAS VISITED ONE OF THESE PLACES, PLEASE MARK IT OFF ON THE PAPER THAT ACCOMPANIES THE BUG.... (And help us by replacing the paper if it gets wet or damaged). The Special places are (to be done in any order) 1) Biloela, Queensland, Australia 2) Newman, Western Australia, Australia 3) Bewdley, Worcestershire, England 4) Any tropical island off Fiji And our first two Geocaches: 5) GC20TBV - It's a long way home, Vancouver, BC, Canada 6) GC1Z3CM - Peaceful Mind Cold River, Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada (This bug has travel 2856 Miles to get to its destinations)

2) I DO - We got married on June 6, 2009. We then took our honeymoon at Bellair Beach, FL. This is a small island just outside Clearwater, FL. While there we visited many nearby attractions, our favorite being Johns Pass. Please help "I DO" travel to Johns Pass located right outside of Clearwater, FL. This travel bug wants it's picture to be taken in front of the John's Pass sign, located at the entrance. Once completed it's mission, it wants to travel back to Morehead ky, where we built a house and currently live. Enjoy the attractions, this is a really neat little place. Here is the link to the website, so that you can check it out before you go, and plan a fun filled day, while geocaching. http://www.johnspass.com/  (This bug has currently traveld 661 Miles to get to its destination)

3) - Friendly Black Widow -I'v always wanted to go south, to South America, Brazil, or Chile would be nice, where spiders may grow nicely. Then please return me to Miami, where I can meet my family again. Released from my nest in South Miami. Please take me on an adventure. I promise not to bite. (this bug has traveld 3714 miles to get to its destination)

We picked them up to help them on their travels.  Will let you know where we dropped them later.


Rabens Family April 5, 2010 at 11:22 AM  

What cool Travel Bugs! I love the "I Do" one.

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