Introducing Big Pat & Little Pat to Geocaching

>> Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our uncle Pat and his son, our cousin Pat came for a visit.  Well actually our cousin is moving here and his dad is staying a couple of weeks to get him settled.  They arrived last night around midnight.  After staying up a couple of hours to catch up a bit we headed to bed. 

We woke up this morning and had breakfast and took the kids to their summer camp.  While the kids were at camp we headed to a local park for their first Geocache find.

Hike, hike, hike......we're hiking through the woods!

Their first find was called Big Brother-this is largest ammo can I have ever seen.

They got the honor of opening it up and looking through the swag.

Then we set off to get the kids.  This little 3 mile hike took us over an hour by the time we found the cache.  We headed back to the kids camp and picked them up for some more finds.

There go the men in search of the treasure.  (They could not find it without a little help from this little woman).
Mia leading the charge on the next hunt.
This cache was dedicated to some fallen hero's
Uncle Pat helped the kids open it to get some of the swag.
I thought Big Brother was big.......Big Brother's Cousin was even bigger.  We found him at a different park from where Big Brother was.

It was a great day!


Rabens Family July 2, 2010 at 8:29 AM  

Wow those are HUGE! Did they have really big items inside of them? The little town we are staying at in Delaware is having a Geocaching 101 class on Saturday. Geocaching is spreading!

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