Did We Walk The Dogs or Did They Walk Us

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We went back to the Southeastern Guide Dog to take some of the older dogs for a walk to get some exercise.
Charleston SC Trip 002

This is Rocky with Mosi (the kids think he was named Rocky because he matches all of the huge rocks around the buildings).
Charleston SC Trip 008
This is Charlie. He did not have as much energy as Rocky but was still enjoying the outdoors.
We walked the dogs for about a half hour, I think they walked us more though.  We were pretty amazed with how strong these dogs are and tried very hard to keep them from pulling us too much.  Just when we had thought we had mastered control they saw a few of their other dog friends out for a walk so they took off running through a patch of water and mud with us following behind.  We think they thought it was play time.
We had a big laugh about getting our mud baths especially when the little kids were cracking us laughing at Mosi and me.
We went and took the dogs back to get brushed then went to the car to clean up a bit.  Good thing I had water and towels in there left over from the beach.  We then headed over to Hug some Puppies.
Charleston SC Trip 023
We don’t know when we will be back but we hope soon.  We encourage anyone who is visiting around the Parrish, FL to stop by and visit.  They could use more walkers and huggers along with supplies.
Here are some of the things they need to care for the puppies and digs in training.  You can drop them off or mail them in.
Travel plastic dog crates (large size)
Stainless steel water buckets (8-10 quart)
Blankets (with no batting or feather fills)
Dish washing liquid
Waterless hand sanitizer
Trash bags (tall kitchen and yard size)
Disposable cameras with flash
Industrial garden hoses 50'
Dog brushes
Dog combs
Dog & puppy Shampoo
Puppy toys
Non-Edible Nylabones (all sizes)
Gauze squares
Waterproof medical tape
Saline solution
Ear solution
Digital thermometers
Dog Nail Clippers
Dog treats
Cat food (dry or canned)
Dog food (canned only)
Esbilac (canned only)


Rabens Family July 23, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

The girls and I will have to check it out the next time we go down for a visit. We can all get our DOG fix.

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