Introducing Geocaching To The Cousins

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

Since we drove up to spend a couple of days with Brittney and the girls we figured we would share geocaching with them.   It a great distraction and fun activity no matter where you are.

Their first find was in the Hampton Library parking lot. It was so much fun to find this pill bottle geocache hidden in the fork of this tree.  Aunt Brittney spotted it right away (she is developing the sonar eye).

We put our sticker on the log and dated it to show when we found it. Gonna have to make some for the Rabens Family in Virginia now. Next we headed to the park across the street to look for another geocache.
All of the kids got a little prize out of the geocache and left some of our stash for the next people that find it.

Once we were done, we put it back into the hole in the tree. What a great place to hide a geocache. Brittney was a little scared to reach in and get it out though. Way to take one for the team Aunt Brittney- she would make a good hand model ;)

Next we headed to the Hampton Yacht Club to look for a geocache. Unfortunately we couldn't find it anywhere on the cannon.  This one woke up Brittney that night.  She was not happy that we did not find it. Maybe Uncle Clay will have better luck when they go back and try to find this one again sometime.

We went to Downtown Hampton and saw this duck going into his own little pool. How cute! ;)

Our final geocache was hidden in this little garden area in Downtown Hampton. Can you find it?
It took us awhile to find, but I finally spotted it at the bottom of the light post. It was a magnetic black box located under the plugs.  This was a good one to show Aunt Brittney how well these are camouflaged.

We had so much FUN geocaching with our cousins. We found 3 out of 4 geocaches! Not bad for their first time. We hope they continue their searches when Uncle Clay gets home from his deployment.  It great Family Fun and exercise too!


Rabens Family June 14, 2010 at 8:46 AM  

Thanks for teaching us how to Geocache! We had FUN!

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